Ancient History

display of fossils

A collection of fossils that date back 70 million years or more, when most of Kansas was under water.

History in Stone

display of 5,000 stone artifacts

Stone spear and dart points, knives and tools make up this 5,000-piece collection, one of the largest of its kind in the state.

Native American History

collection of Wichita tribe artifacts

Unique collection of artifacts attributed to the Wichita tribe, early residents of the Derby area.

Early Settlers

covered wagon and harnesses

Osage Trust land brought settlers to the area by 1869, starting a community that would become a thriving agricultural center.

Derby City History


Founded under a different name, the town would quickly grow to about 300 population and maintain that size for 80 years...then, boom!

Derby School History

school room from the early 1920s

Strong schools have always been part of Derby's story. We have two rooms full of school history and memoribilia.

Farm and Ranch


Derby's first 80 years were mostly geared to the agricultural production in the area.

General Store

items that would have been found in early general stores

Reminisce with artifacts from daily life of the late 1800s and early 1900s.


a collection of early housekeeping items

"A woman's work is never done." That quote was especially true for the homemakers of the early years, when there were no modern conveniences.

Military History

a collection of military uniforms and military memorabilia

Derby veterans served in all branches of the military. This collection was all donated by Derby families.

McConnell Display

large model of a KC-135 aircraft

McConnell Air Force Base has been a major factor in the growth of Derby. This room is dedicated to the base and its history.

Railroad History

model train layout

Railroads played a huge part in the settlement of the prairie. Learn how they effected Derby's story. Plus, we have two model train layouts that kids of all ages enjoy.